My balcony garden

One of my favorite things to do is to garden. However, since we live in an apartment I’m limited to growing things in containers. Last year I grew some flowers and a tomato plant and it actually worked out quite well given the long growing season we have in California. This year I decided to expand and grew two tomato plants (one cherry tomato and the other medium sized “regular” tomatoes, yellow squash, and cilantro. Tomatoes are extremely easy to grow and very low maintenance. I’m not so sure the squash will be productive but it looks pretty.





update on LIFE.

Such a dramatic title! Alas, I have again neglected my blog (I was planning to post pictures from our recent vacation/cruise – and by recent, I mean one month ago – but again… work + starting new residency + procrastination = no posts).

Anyway, I just wanted to post some thoughts about starting anesthesia residency at Stanfurd:

– I love my job (and hopefully for the rest of my career)! The best thing is that it doesn’t feel like work – it’s really fun and interesting and time flies while I’m there.

– what a big difference from intern year. Yes, sometimes I feel like I’m learning everything from scratch all over again…but I realize now how much I did not enjoy what I was doing last year. Also: I am so glad I’ll never, ever, have to be an intern again.

– of course, the days are long and tiring, and it’s really hard to do anything productive by the time I make it home. I’m told this is expected since the learning curve in the first few months of residency is so steep.

– we each got an iPad upon starting residency (for “educational” purposes). It’s great — I use my laptop less and less now, except for instances where I have to type a lot (like right now)

– traffic sucks going home. I do miss my amazing 15 min commute from Valley…on a bad day it’s around 35-45 min 😦

I think I’ve exhausted all that’s left in my brain for today. More to come this weekend if I have time…

New Bingo and Gabby videos

Happy Mother’s day! (no pictures yet; we are celebrating at a later time due to everyone’s schedules)

In lieu of mother’s day pictures, I will post Bingo and Gabby videos (my excuse is that they are the closest thing my parents have to grandchildren. Although my dad did say to me today, “happy mother’s day to you too, in advance, as you are a future mom!” Thanks Dad…)

The home stretch

These last few weeks have been really flying by! May is going to be a busy month – we are leaving for vacation right after Memorial Day so there are a lot of things to wrap up before then. We’ve got to renew our lease on the apartment, I have a presentation to finish for our program’s clinical vignette competition, not to mention a ton of orientation material to get through prior to starting at Stanford, and probably a bunch of other things I can’t remember at the moment.

But there’s also been lots of fun stuff recently since the weather’s been so fantastic, including our “intern ditch day”, which is where all the interns from our program get to have the day off to do whatever we want, AND it’s paid for. Yay. Our class chose to go to Seacliff state beach  – it was so much fun. I also got a horrendous sunburn. No pictures of that here!




SCVMC Intern Class of 2012 – it’s been a great year!

Spring is here!

And with it, my allergies are going out of control!

Luckily there are flowers blooming around our neighborhood to make up for it.


In other news, it was my dad’s birthday on Friday. Happy birthday, dad! 😀 looking good for 60 (really 59 if going by the regular calendar).



In 2007, Jeff and I visited Paris and had an amazing dinner of mussels (forgot the name of the restaurant, though. oops!) Recently, I’ve been really craving the same dish…don’t ask me why. It’s now 5 years later. Yesterday we finally bit the bullet and tried to re-create the dish ourselves with a very easy recipe I found on ( It came out ok — I think I overcooked the sauce, and added chicken broth at the end which made it too watery — but Jeff liked it! And we didn’t get food poisoning (very important). Next time I make it, I really want the dish to be more flavorful, so we can toss it with linguine.

cooking in our lovely dutch oven



My sweet girl enjoying a head massage.