update on LIFE.

Such a dramatic title! Alas, I have again neglected my blog (I was planning to post pictures from our recent vacation/cruise – and by recent, I mean one month ago – but again… work + starting new residency + procrastination = no posts).

Anyway, I just wanted to post some thoughts about starting anesthesia residency at Stanfurd:

– I love my job (and hopefully for the rest of my career)! The best thing is that it doesn’t feel like work – it’s really fun and interesting and time flies while I’m there.

– what a big difference from intern year. Yes, sometimes I feel like I’m learning everything from scratch all over again…but I realize now how much I did not enjoy what I was doing last year. Also: I am so glad I’ll never, ever, have to be an intern again.

– of course, the days are long and tiring, and it’s really hard to do anything productive by the time I make it home. I’m told this is expected since the learning curve in the first few months of residency is so steep.

– we each got an iPad upon starting residency (for “educational” purposes). It’s great — I use my laptop less and less now, except for instances where I have to type a lot (like right now)

– traffic sucks going home. I do miss my amazing 15 min commute from Valley…on a bad day it’s around 35-45 min 😦

I think I’ve exhausted all that’s left in my brain for today. More to come this weekend if I have time…


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