Two years

Yesterday was our two year anniversary! We went out to dishdash to celebrate.



The food was delicious. So glad to be sharing it with my best friend :). Happy two years Jeff! I love you 🙂


So hungry


Jeff and Gabby enjoying the pasta I made last night (tomato-red bell pepper cream sauce with sausage and mushroom, yum). Shortly after this picture was taken, Gabby proceeded to jump into the bowl and ended up with orange feet for the rest of the night…


My new crumpler bag from Jeff! Thanks babe 🙂

post ICU call delirium

Gosh, I am so tired right now. Have literally been sitting on the couch for the last hour spacing out, thinking about getting up to shower and go to bed but then I can’t muster up the energy… Just finished a 16 hr call in the ICU yesterday (last one — hooray), which wasn’t too bad, but then had to come back early this AM and ended up staying till 7 pm because of a very interestingly complicated sick patient (not good to be an “interesting patient” as the neurology resident commented today).

On the bright side, I did an LP (lumbar puncture) today and got it on the first attempt. Champagne tap. Hooray for me; I honestly don’t mean to brag, it’s just that after running around like a madwoman all day writing ridiculously redundant orders (*shakes fist at pharmacy*) and keeping up with that sick patient, getting pages every 5-10 minutes x hours on end, it felt good to be able to do something well!

That’s why anesthesia is gonna be so great. I love procedures and I love being able to do them well.

On a totally unrelated note, here is a picture of Bingo:










Only the cutest bird ever. I love this little guy.

Palm Springs Adventure

About a month ago we made the trip down to socal to spend the weekend in Palm Springs. It’s an interesting town…pretty crowded since it was President’s Day weekend. Thanks to Melody and Young for hosting us – we had a great time!

Hi Sammy!

I couldn’t take enough photos of her. Very fascinated with the googly eyes and frowny face 😉


Hiking. We kind of didn’t finish the entire trail…in our defense, though, it was pretty hot and we started to run out of water. So there. Not out of shape at all! =p



my favorite picture!


Up until this trip that Jeff and I took in January, I had not been to Napa since high school. I’m so glad that we finally went after returning to the Bay Area, because it was a very relaxing and enjoyable trip. January is off season for Napa, and unfortunately all the vines are hibernating, but the plus side is that it’s really easy to get reservations for wine tasting and restaurants (I made them the day before we went).

We started off the day with a tour at a small, family owned winery called Hendry’s. They were the highest rated wine-tasting/tour on yelp, and since it was so empty in Napa Jeff and I basically got a private tour and wine tasting. Awesome.




Tasting the difference between an oaked and unoaked chardonnay

With Mr. Hendry himself!


We went to FARM for dinner.


I forget exactly what it was cooked with, but this was Jeff’s duck dish — very tender and perfectly seasoned.


My lamb dish. Also delicious, but the accompanying vegetables were too salty.

It was pretty dark, so I think our waiter did a pretty good job holding the camera still. (too lazy to edit the white balance in this picture)

So, the conclusion of this post is that if anyone wants to go to Napa again we will definitely up for it 🙂 .

2011 recap…

This is a very long overdue post recapping 2011 =]. I’m not sure what prompted me to finally write this thing – maybe reading other people’s blogs reminded me how important it is to document all the things that happen during these busy/fruitful years, and how nice it is to look back and remember what has happened. I actually meant to write it New Year’s Eve, but we were hosting Kat and Dustin at our apartment and I never found the time to do it. Then during my vacation I was just…let’s just say I really mentally checked out during vacation. Haha. Now I’m back to work, doing inpatient ward medicine at Stanfurd (ugh), enjoying my first day off. How truly sweet it is to get a day of rest.

2011 was a great year for me and full of exciting life-changing events/decisions. Jeff and I started off the year with my cousin’s wedding in Maui (after experiencing one of the best vacations of my life), flew a red-eye back to CA to start off the last year of medical school with a bang. Well, a sleep-deprived bang. I finished off several residency interviews all over California, got sick for the 3rd time in a row during interview season (I remember this very clearly because I went to my UCSD interview completely congested and had to blow my nose constantly that day). Then came the time to submit your rank list for the match – I don’t think I ever wrote about it on here, but it was a stressful time, making the decision that would basically decide where we would be for the next four years. Well, you know how that turned out. Also around this time was a whole lot of traveling – I went to Taipei, Taiwan for a week to be with my parents while my dad had back surgery (he did great) and to celebrate Chinese new year (my very first time doing so in Taiwan). Jeff and I also went to Washington DC for about one week (unfortunately, too early to catch the cherry blossoms).

The other major event which happened in Jan 2011 was our decision to get Bingo and Gabby. It really was on a whim that I started looking at Craigslist for cockatiels – we had talked about getting a pet as I had a lot more time during 4th year – but I’m so glad we did! Our two little birds bring so much joy and fun into our lives 🙂

April 3, 2011 marked our very first anniversary. While our first year of married life had its ups and downs, I can truly say that I love getting to know more about Jeff every day. He is really an amazing person and I’m blessed to be his wife =D. I don’t think we did anything crazy to celebrate since I was in the middle of a medicine sub-i (boo), and I was tired. Poor Jeff! We are planning to do something more awesome this year.

Then came Match Day. Probably the most exciting day of the year, and basically was the culmination of 4 years of medical school. I was glad that Jeff was able to experience that morning with me – I will never forget how much excitement and nervous tension there was in the air. It was a happy day =). After the match the rest of med school pretty much flew by. Those last several months were precious time spent with my medical school friends, knowing that we would all be going our separate ways soon. Lots of good times bowling, doing all the senior class activities, trying to do things on our so-cal bucket list (which in the end Jeff and I barely got started on). In May I graduated from med school (yay!), and then we went on one of the most epic trips of our lives – PERU!! It was the ultimate bonding experience in our 6-person group – me, Jeff, Kat, Dustin, Melody, Young. We did the five-day Salkantay trail to Machu Picchu – one of the seven (new) wonders of the world. Absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. I managed to lug my SLR along for the whole trip – so heavy but totally worth it.

In June we moved to Sunnyvale into a great apartment (aside from a few things that needed fixing when we moved in, I really love our location). God, I hate moving. I never want to move again, but that’s not going to happen. Thankfully our amazing friends pitched in, and made it as painless as possible. At the end of June I started intern year (another big milestone). When people say the learning curve during intern year is a steep one, they are not kidding. I was soooo clueless during my first month of intern year. It’s definitely gotten a lot better since then, and I’ve still had time during my less busy rotations to have fun – went whitewater rafting for the first time – loved it; was able to go to friend’s weddings, and best of all, spend time with my family and Grace Church family. It’s nice to be back in the Bay Area.

The rest of the year really went by in a blur. In November I turned 27 (I feel so old), was on call on Thanksgiving (actually was not too bad), and after I finished a 6 week stint of wards (I was not a happy camper by the 6th week), I kind of just coasted until vacation. The end of the year is always such a busy time, and I’ve definitely gotten the holiday blues before, but the end of 2011 was really great. I had so much fun getting to see and hang out with old friends and family, it really was a fantastic ending to a very eventful year.

Now time for some pictures (finally!)

(of course my dad had to have a beer before we took the family picture!)



Holiday bowl